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An interstellar Adventure about LIGHT

Team up with powerful Units, collect celestial Source and buy valuable Upgrades to travel through Dimensions and save the Universe. The stars and planets of this world were consumed by SHADE! Bring back the LIGHT for all living beeings!

Game features

Collect celestial LIGHT Sources​

Research scientific LIGHT Sources and generate them on your ship! From time to time you will unlock special Research Certificates which unlock advanced research possibilities for your LIGHT production!

Earn valuable Upgrades​

LIGHT Upgrades can help you getting stronger and unlock new abilities and skills!

Save the whole Universe!​

SHADE consumed the universe. You are on the last LIGHT mission – one last desperate quest to save everyone from the darkness.

Discover magical materials​

Discover and collect magical LIGHT Materials and craft even stronger LIGHT Materials out of them.  Can you craft the most powerful armor for your LIGHT Unit?

Become an official LIGHT Unit

You want to become a official LIGHT Unit ingame? Every player could fight with your Unit! 

Exclusive BETA access

Get exclusive access to beta versions of the game earlier than anyone else! Help to test out new features.

IDLE LIGHT Community

Learn more about the developers​

Welcome to the Luminosity Production!
We are a small mobile game development studio reaching for the stars in our new idle adventure Idle LIGHT: the last gods.

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