Idle LIGHT: the last gods

Save the whole Universe

What are LIGHT Quests?

SHADE consumed the universe. You are on the last LIGHT mission – one last desperate quest to save everyone from the darkness. How can you do that? Here are a few ways:

Cyber Crystals

Cyber Crystal Boosts

The more LIGHT you generate, the more Cyber Crystals you could get. Just visit the Cyber Crystals Bag and exchange your progress with lots of new Crystals! Cyber Crystals offer a huge boost to your LIGHT production.

Star Map

Discover tons of galaxies, solar systems, planets, moons, stars, space stations… in a vast open universe. Navigate freely through the stars, select one, craft some fuel and warp to them! The universe is in your hand.

Galaxy Rescue Mission

The LIGHT universe is filled with shiny galaxies. Each one was consumed by SHADE. You need to free them all!

POI Rescue Mission

Each Galaxy is filled with different Point of Interests (POI). Fight evil SHADE monsters and maybe you can even find valuable materials on those planets, moons, stars, space stations and space ships!

Screenshot from the Beach Solar System


Travel through weird dimensions and level them up. Legends say, that high leveled dimensions could give a huge boost to a LIGHT production. But what about those insterstellar dimension layers Alpha and Beta? And Gamma? And wait, there are even deeper dimension layers?

And many more!