Hello everyone and welcome to the 3rd ANNIVERSARY of IDLE LIGHT: THE LAST GODS.

Before I want to share some exciting details about the future of the game – I want to THANK YOU for beeing part of the community! It is so good to have your here! Thanks for all the help and support during the years, the translations and the creative ideas + feedback.

A MASSIVE update is in the works!

You might know that I’m currently working on a big update for IDLE LIGHT which will 100% focus on the Star Map!
That means many new Units, new planets and completely new themes next to the beach 😉

Because of the sheer size of this update it takes much longer to come out. The update will have an impact on most of the current features ingame.
But we can not celebrate a birthday without any teasers! So let’s take a look at some new things you will find in IDLE LIGHT 3.0!


This update will introduce you to the story of Idle LIGHT.

I want to tell the story in seasons! Each season will feature one big part of the story. THE GREAT ESCAPE will be Season 1.

Each season will consist of Chapters! They will guide your through the universe. Your main goal in the game will be to finish the MISSIONs each Chapter offers.
To complete a Mission you need to do all kinds of different QUESTS!
The third Mission of the Chapter 3 “The darker world” is called “Steal a Capital Vessel” and will feature 5 Quests.

Doing Quests will reward you with different loot!
One way to tell the story of the game is the Unit Dialogue. Units will start to talk to each other.

You will find out more about the STORY when version 3.0 comes out later this year.

Star Map

You will start your adventure on this asteroid somewhere in space! Lost and alone. Maybe…
There will be all kinds of new POIs to discover like this lost LIGHT Hangar on the top right.
You will get the oppertunity to travel from POI to POI and complete their QUESTs.

Main Quests are important for the Story and NEED to be completed to go on with the season.
Side Quests are optional. They will reward you with loot and increase your influence on this POI.

More on Factions and Cosmic Influence later…

Many new improvements

The source menu gets a small UI update.

Of course with new Sources!

There is now a new heading on all menus!

The old Dimension progress popup gets finally replaced with the new one!

You will face many new Units on your way through space. One big new faction is the BLACK HOLE EMPIRE.

Thank you for 3 years!

There is still so much more to discover in version 3.0 of IDLE LIGHT! I am especially excited to finally include a story and more planets into the game!
I hope you will look forward to this update.
Keep an eye on the Luminosity Production Discord Server for news on the beta release.


Thanks for reading and stay safe!


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