Public Update 2.6.1 – Boost Discs!

Public Update 2.6.1 – Boost Discs!

Greetings LIGHT captains!

Welcome to a new BIG update for IDLE LIGHT: THE LAST GODS.
It is finally time to present the new LIGHT Generator with the shiny new Boost Discs!
And at the end I want to give a short preview on what is coming NEXT to the game.

Thank you sooo much for translating and testing this version again! <3

Boost Discs and the real LIGHT Generator

  • [x] added a completly new LIGHT Generator

Click the โ€œ+โ€ button on a Generator BOOSTER to add a Boost Disc. You will get Boost Discs from Loot Boxes or from Star Map rewards. You can even craft them now! Combine two x2 Boost Discs with some Pure LIGHT and get a x4 Boost Disc.

The generator is now multiplicative! That means Boost Discs will get multiplied together: x2 Disc and x4 Disc is now a total Generator Boost of x8.

  • [x] added: boost disc rewards to star map rewards

Pure LIGHT & LIGHT Compressor

  • [x] Collect 5000 Sources to fill up the LIGHT Compressor
  • [x] a full Compressor will produce 1 Pure LIGHT!

Property Buff

Luminous Intensity, Luminous Flux and Luminous Exposure can now be upgraded!

  • [x] a Generator BOOSTER consists of the Disc and a STATOR and ROTOR
  • [x] click them and upgrade them with LIGHT, Sparks, Pure LIGHT and materials!
  • [x] added: 6 new STATORs
  • [x] added: 6 new ROTORs

Better Stators and Rotos will increase the Property Buff.

Now you need to unlock this Property Buff for every LIGHT Source! Click the Property Button to open the Property PLUS upgrade menu. Here you can apply the Property PLUS for a LIGHT Source. In the Source Details Menu you will see a small โ€œ+โ€ icon next to then Property Icon if its buffed!

Stay safe while collecting THEM!

  • [x] added 8 new LIGHT Source with the Bacteria Pack

The mighty 6th DIMENSION

  • [x] added a new Dimension: 6th
  • [x] 4 new shapes: Heptapeton, Hexeract, Hexarss, Hexaphere
  • [x] added final Layer: OMEGA
  • [x] added: navigation dots for dimension selection – click a dot to instantly jump to a dimension
  • [x] updated dimension selection transition

Something exciting new is planned for DIMENSIONs after the Star Map updates! I hope you will look forward to that ๐Ÿ™‚
Small hint: please do not think these dimensions are calm and nice static images…

Amazing new UPGRADES for your team!

  • [x] added: 5 new levels for Intense Intensity
  • [x] new Normal Upgrade: Heavy Flux
  • [x] new Normal Upgrade: Compressor Efficiency
  • [x] new Normal Upgrade: Super Critical Hit
  • [x] new Normal Upgrade: Ultra Source Value
  • [x] new Special Upgrade: Angel Heart
  • [x] new Special Upgrade: Neon Shield
  • [x] new Special Upgrade: Heroic Flux-Muscles
  • [x] new Special Upgrade: Power Serum
  • [x] new Special Upgrade: E-Slip Ring
  • [x] new Legendary Upgrade: Electric Buff
  • [x] new Legendary Upgrade: HD Compression
  • [x] new Legendary Upgrade: Generator Generation

Count Crystull

  • [x] COUNT CRYSTULL took over the Cyber Crystal business!!!
  • [x] updated: UI of all Cyber Crystal popups and menu

Click on the speechbubble and talk with him!

New Visual Effects!

  • [x] added: small animations to your on-screen Sources
  • [x] added: sweet animated menu backgrounds
  • [x] both can be turned ON or OFF with the Visual Effects toggle in settings

Need a break?!

  • [x] added: pause menu during battles
  • [x] options: cancel, restart, quit

New Statistics

  • [x] see how many Boost Discs you activated
  • [x] see how often you completed a full LIGHT Compression

More Additions & Bug Fixes

  • [x] updated: the whole unit gear selection popup
  • [x] changed: smaller lps text
  • [x] changed: smaller source numbers text
  • [x] increased: performance with unit selling
  • [x] fixed: crash selling to many units
  • [x] fixed: armor image issue on Starrik unit
  • [x] updated: lps text
  • [x] updated: TOP UI design
  • [x] fixed: wrong โ€˜cant affordโ€™ color in sources menu
  • [x] fixed: (sometimes) broken menu transition after unit evolution
  • [x] changed: SUNDAY daily deal gives 3 (!) Pearls now
  • [x] fixed: generator booster rotate wrong after disc ends
  • [x] fixed: missing sprites on Star Map Navigator buttons
  • [x] fixed: Menu crash after opening PureLIGHT crafting menu
  • [x] changed: unit selector will close it self when you open your squad menu (to avoid confusing)

What a nice list of changes!
Do you have any idea for more additional content? Please make sure to JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER ๐Ÿ˜€

What’s next?

Next up is FINALLY the great update for the STAR MAP. With new planets, new stars – many new Units and tons of new Quests!
This is going to be a massive part of the game and I just can’t wait to finally present it all ingame.

The artwork above already gives a good teaser on how the future Star Map will work. But more on that very very soon! Keep an eye on the #teasers channel on the official Discord.

A lot is planned for the future of the game and step by step we will add them to improve the fun!

Thank you so much for playing – testing – translating or just chatting on the server! <3 <3 <3

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