Beta Update 1.01 (Build #0067)

Beta Update 1.01 (Build #0067)

Welcome to phase #2 of the big 1.0 update. Here is a list of new bug fixes and changes.

Changelog: Build #0067

New Music & Soundeffects

+ added the new Space Background Music (Background music changes depending in which solar system you are)
+ added “Start Research” SFX
+ added “Notification” SFX

Bug fixes & more additions

+ fixed high offline production
+ fixed source pack menu size
+ fixed finger trail did not react to upgrades
+ fixed finger trail did not react to ON/OFF toggle
+ fixed finger trail did work in menus
+ changed source variety function to fix “Glowing Fragment” did not appear at beginning
+ fixed Spark Tornado was behind background
+ fixed current Dimension did not save
+ fixed “you could level up blocked dimensions”
+ optimized dimension saving
+ changed Source Spawn Area to fit all devices
+ fixed notification (left) UI translation issue
+ added translation to “Can’t efford” alerts

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