Beta Update 1.02 (Build #0068)

Beta Update 1.02 (Build #0068)

Greetings LIGHT captain!

Welcome to phase 3 of the big 1.0 update of Idle LIGHT: the last gods.
Here is a brand new list of changes, additions and fixes!

Thanks for testing this version!

Changelog: Build #0067

New Language: Danish

Thanks to @KarenBruun#0456 we can now enjoy the game in danish!
+ added danish to the language dropdown

Upgrades are back!

+ added Special Upgrades back with the all new UI 3.0
+ added Legendary Upgrades back with the all new UI 3.0
+ removed login gift upgrades
+ added multi buy button back to upgrade menus

Inventory Searching

+ added support for localized inventory searching
-> you can now search in your language!

Bug fixes & more additions

+ added: new language sprites
+ fixed: language dropdown value was in wrong language
+ fixed: source preview image was visible, even when not researched
+ fixed: finger trail stayed on screen sometimes
+ fixed: inventory return to materials list always showed materials sorted by ID
+ changed: you can now click the header of a scroll view to shrink or expand it

Want to listen to the new space theme of the game?

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Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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