Beta Update 1.04 (Build #0070)

Beta Update 1.04 (Build #0070)

Greetings LIGHT captains!

Welcome to phase 5 of the big 1.0 update of Idle LIGHT: the last gods.
Here is a brand new list of changes, additions and fixes!

Thank you so much for testing this version and translating the game to different languages!


Acids and Bases

Gigantic Source Overhaul

+ added 9 new Sources: Acids and Bases
+ changed the whole Sources Menu and System

Research Certificates

+ generate a Source a certain times to gain a Research Certificate
+ each Certificate gives a huge boost to the Source power
+ each Certificate reduces the research time

Flickering Certificate

Research Trophies

+ receive a Research Certificate for each Source of one pack to gain a Research Trophy!
+ each Trophy gives a huge boost to the Source power
+ each Trophy reduces the research time

Advanced Research

+ you will unlock Advanced Research possibilities after reaching the Dark Certificate
+ upgrading various physical properties of the Source increases its stability
+ the main goal is to reach 100% stability!
+ upgrading the properties will change the stability of the curve in the research background! Try to calm the curve down!

Luminous IntensityLIGHT
Luminous FluxSparks
Luminous ExposureLIGHT
IlluminanceA special material
Luminous EfficacyA special material
New Source Menus

More Additions

+ added new App Icon
+ added new Splash-Screen at startup
+ updated the look of the top UI
+ updated the “can’t afford” red-colors (Darkmode)
+ removed smooth shadow from Sources

Thanks for reading and stay safe!