Public Update 1.0

Public Update 1.0

Greetings LIGHT captains!

Welcome to a new HUGE update for Idle LIGHT: the last gods. After weeks of testing and translating we can finally release the version 1.0 to public.
I hope you are looking forward playing all the new features!

Changelog (Build #0078)

1) UI 3.0 to all game menus

+ adds a clean and modern touch to the game

2) Darkmode

+ you can now switch between LIGHT and Darkmode in the settings menu
+ Darkmode is especially useful, when you play in dark rooms

3) Localization

+ the game now supports multi-language texts
+ currently there is an option for ENGLISH, GERMAN and DANISH (thanks to @LumiKaren)
+ more languages are possible for the future!

4) Soundeffects

+ added soundeffects to nearly every single button ingame!

5) Community

+ have you checked out the new social media accounts of Idle LIGHT yet? No? What are you waiting for?! 🙂

6) Source Overhaul

+ added 9 new Sources: Acids and Bases
+ changed the whole Sources Menu and System

Research Certificates

+ generate a Source a certain times to gain a Research Certificate
+ each Certificate gives a huge boost to the Source power
+ each Certificate reduces the research time

Flickering Certificate

Research Trophies

+ receive a Research Certificate for each Source of one pack to gain a Research Trophy!
+ each Trophy gives a huge boost to the Source power
+ each Trophy reduces the research time

Advanced Research

+ you will unlock Advanced Research possibilities after reaching the Dark Certificate
+ upgrading various physical properties of the Source increases its stability
+ the main goal is to reach 100% stability!
+ upgrading the properties will change the stability of the curve in the research background! Try to calm the curve down!

7) Daily Gifts are back!

  • [x] added a completely new Offline Production popup at the start of the game
  • [x] come back each day to receive special deals! (even Pearls!)
  • [x] you now get Offline Production when you tab into the game again

8) New Reward Cards

  • [x] rewards look like cards now
  • [x] click the card to get its reward!

9) Material Rarity

  • [x] each Material has a Rarity level now!
  • [x] Reward Card color changes depending on the Rarity level

10) STAR MAP Update

  • This update does not add any new content to the Star Map! But it is a preparation for the new planets and solar system that will follow in the next updates! Because we will finally see new planets very very soon!
  • [x] Redesigned all Star Map menus to support DARKMODE, LOCALIZATION and sharp Text
  • [x] changed: Star Map rewards use the new REWARDS system now!

11) Fuel System

  • [x] craft Fuel Packs and Super Fuel Packs!
  • [x] fill up your fuel tanks on the Star Map menu
  • [x] each travel between POIs costs 1 Fuel Pack
  • [x] each travel between Solar Systems costs 1 Super Fuel Pack
  • [x] better prepare yourself and collect as many moon crystals as you can!

And thousands of bug fixes and smaller changes!

Thank you so much for reading and playing!

Have a great time with IDLE LIGHT and save the universe.

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