Public Update 2.0

Public Update 2.0

Greetings LIGHT captains!

Welcome to a new HUGE update for IDLE LIGHT: THE LAST GODS.

After weeks of testing and translating we can finally release the version 2.0 to public.

This update offers so many new features and we hope you will look forward playing it!

Changelog (Build #0086)


  • [x] added 18 fully animated and balanced LIGHT Units
Beach Units
  • [x] starter Unit: Shellby
  • [x] open the Unit list to get an overview over all units and sort them
  • [x] click a Unit to open its details
  • [x] added 18 new armor pieces
  • [x] added 6 new weapons
  • [x] added 6 new shields
  • [x] evolve your Units to even stronger versions of themselfs
  • [x] sell your Unit to get some Sparks back


  • [x] build your 5-Units-Squad and fight evil monsters


Thats the preparation for the Star Map – Quests integration. On each POI (Point of interest) you have to complete various tasks.

  1. Defeat the Umbra Defense on this POI
  2. Conquest this area to drive away the shadows
  3. Global Occupation is where you and your faction settle down on this POI
  4. Now it is time to really establish your faction on this POI
  5. At this point you only need to fight the BOSS to complete the POI

New Sources

  • [x] added 11 new Sources with the COMPLEX set
  • [x] added 6 new Sources with the MICRO set
  • [x] added 12 new Sources with the VIRUSES set

Cyber Crystal Boost

  • [x] increased the power of Cyber Crystals
  • [x] previously each Crystal gave a +1% production boost
  • [x] now it gives a (+)x1 production boost
  • [x] which means owning one Crystal is an extra 100% boost on your LIGHT production
  • [x] the legendary upgrade “Cyber Boost” can increase this (+)x1 factor
  • [x] updated UI of Cyber Crystal confirm popup
  • [x] updated UI of Cyber Crystal result popup

New Upgrades

  • [x] added Super Source Value Upgrade
  • [x] added Intense Intensity Upgrade
  • [x] added Intensity Merchant Special Upgrade


  • [x] added soft-shadows as a visual improvement

Veel plezier in het Nederlands

  • [x] added a new language: DUTCH!
  • [x] Thank you so much @Zmadnesss#0912 for translating the whole game to dutch! That is an awesome addition to the game and I can’t wait to learn some dutch with IDLE LIGHT ;D

More Additions & Bug Fixes

  • [x] updated look of Reward Cards
  • [x] added Discord reminder popup
  • [x] added new font
  • [x] updated UI design on nearly every menu ingame


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