Summer is coming to IDLE LIGHT

Summer is coming to IDLE LIGHT

Greetings LIGHT captain!

Summer is nearly here and that means tons of new updates for IDLE LIGHT: THE LAST GODS!
Today a new BETA version of the game released! The first UNIT Update!

Here is a changelog on what is new:

Version 2.0

Download now for free

Your Unit ingame

Do you have ideas for cool LIGHT Units? You can submit them here:

There is already one Unit ingame which was made by a community member!

This krabb Unit was made by @SwifterTheDragon. Thanks Swifter for sending your artwork in! Looked awesome! This Unit is now called KRABBBY and might evolve into a huge beast!

Do you want to enter BETA versions of the game?

Please check out this page:


Did you enjoy your time with Idle LIGHT? The game is 100% for free. But maybe you want to support the development of it? You can do so with a PayPal donation to the developer.

Every donation is a great help! Thank you!

Social Media

New artworks / images and posts every day! Please feel free to leave a like and follow for more.

Summer is coming to our Discord

There is a new Summer Server icon for our Discord Server.

Thank you for reading and stay safe!